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Marble Surface

Mother's Day Gift Baskets

$50.00 per Basket 

We have 10 baskets available for purchase.

No shipping - Pick up at the Farm Stand May 6-8.

Each basket comes with the following items:

  1. Reusable Wicker Basket (No 2 baskets are the same.)

  2. Mother's Day Card (Photo below!)

  3. Handmade Dish Scrubber  (Photo below!)

  4. Handmade Mango Citrus Bar Soap (Photo below!)

  5. Handmade Spiced Citrus 8oz Candle (Photo below!)

  6. Fairtrade Caramel Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Bar (Photo below!)

  7. Live Plant in 4" Ceramic Pot w/ attached Saucer (Photo below!)

  8. Handmade Canvas Pouch with "Floral Design and "M-Mother" text (Photo coming soon!)


SAMPLE: Basket and Plants are subject to change.

Marble Surface

About our Baskets

$50 each? We realize this may seem high but it is for your momma, after all, right?  If not for your momma, maybe for yourself or someone near and dear to your heart.'s the truth: 90% of these products are handmade by tiny family-owned businesses right here in Wisconsin or within the USA.  We find items from people like us who operate out of their homes and who are trying to make their dreams come true.  They are honest to goodness people who make small batches of items with their own two machinery, no mass production.  There's nothing wrong with mass production, but we choose to source items made from scratch and with loving hearts and hands.  If you purchase these baskets you're truly supporting more than a business, you're supporting someone's dream, someone's talent, someone's happiness and so much more.  

Thank you for allowing us to create something unique and meaningful for your loved ones.

-Telo & Travis Anderson

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